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Does titling in Lithuania work the same way it does here in the States?

If so, was the car written off? If yes, in my opinion, it is probably not worth it as the potential exists to spend more money with this vehicle than purchasing a good-conditioned and fully-functional used model with a clean history e.g., higher cost of insurance, limited insurance options, damage you cannot see until you rip it apart only after youve forked the money over, significantly lower resale value even once the repairs are completed. At least stateside, Ive observed that damage on these vehicles adds up very fast
My car never leaked or consumed a drop of oil between 22,000 miles when I bought it and 56,000 miles today. The car is perfectly sound, I wouldnt hesitate to buy any model year. Any cars that were going to be affected by that recall likely were affected in the first few thousand miles.

Buy an unmodified example and do your research on the history of the vehicle. Its a very good car when taken care of, like most vehicles. Dont fear
What could be rather cheap to fix here could be expensive as hell in Lithuania. I would be checking on parts costs there and not relying on what people in the US say.
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Depends on driving the Porsche and mostly your budget for maintenance/consumables. If you buy a Porsche you will pay Porsche prices for everything. If you dont have at least 5K disposable set aside for incidentals I highly suggest you prepay for an extended warranty if you can get one for the Porsche. I would have considered that car as an option too but probably better I didnt.
Price a replacement exhaust, brake job, etc and thats barely scratching the surface. Insurance too.
Dont get me wrong, I am sure its a really nice drivers car if you can live with it.
Ive spotted on your forum watch that Ive been hunting for some time. The watch is Orient Star WZ0081FE. Ive contacted the seller in english asking for international sale, but I didnt gey any response. Is there anyone here who would help me buying this watch?

Thanks in advance
there are so many pros with both cars that it is really hard to choose. I also wanted 987.2 DFI engine, but those were just too much money right now. I guess I will have to drive the Boxster to see if its worth the premium.

I had the same experience with insurance as well, when I plugged in
Thanks for the replies so far, everyone. It seems like it has been overhyped. The car I am looking at had had 60,000 kms done.

Now, if I am still paranoid about this potential issue, is it a safe bet just to go with a 2014 model or above? That will rule out that issue yes?

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