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Buy mobic, mobic no dr
Thanks for the replies so far, everyone. It seems like it has been overhyped. The car I am looking at had had 60,000 kms done.

Now, if I am still paranoid about this potential issue, is it a safe bet just to go with a 2014 model or above? That will rule out that issue yes?

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Ive spotted on your forum watch that Ive been hunting for some time. The watch is Orient Star WZ0081FE. Ive contacted the seller in english asking for international sale, but I didnt gey any response. Is there anyone here who would help me buying this watch?

Thanks in advance

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What could be rather cheap to fix here could be expensive as hell in Lithuania. I would be checking on parts costs there and not relying on what people in the US say.
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Thanks. Im hoping that in another year or so, once I dont feel like a complete noob with a guitar, Ill buy a better one. To start I think this will work well

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