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Looking for a boyfriend!!!
The AVO is supposed to be a stainless system and should not possibly look that bad. Stay away.
The MXP looks about right as far as discoloration goes. A bit of surface rust on a steel system is fine and to be expected. Looks like they retail for about 900 in Canada so not a great deal but not horrible either.
I vote MXP if the rest of your exhaust is stock. That AVO exhaust looks like it sat in an acid tank and then was left on the lawn for 1-2 years before the found it.
Hello to everyone,
I am Mickey from Germany and since decades interested to visit Pripyat. No one of my friends want to join. Thats why i am here.
I want to make a tour but I would like top meet up before in Kiev or sth. and explore the city.
Traveling alone is so boring and zero fun. Is someone here who want to join maybe? or any advice where i can find travelers?

About me: I am 35, male, German, fluent in English, good for party, very easy going, looking for people same age /- 10 years.

The trip in Pripyat can be 1, 2 or 3 days.
I am very flexible with my traveling time if its after 10th of July
Thanks for the reply.
That´s a good tip. I think i will follow.
My plan now is 28.07 till 31st I think.
Which tour do you suggest. I think I want to make the 2 day / 1 night trip?
Sorry for a thread jack, but since it is moderately related and Im sure lots of people have wondered this, how loud does the exhuast become by just doing headers? Would a catback even be necessary?

I know how it feals. I also planned my first visit for several years, tried to persuade my friends to come with me, but no one agreed. Then at some point I realised that I cannot wait any longer And I went alone. And I am very glad that I did Ive been to the Zone 12 more times since then

I would suggest that you should come even if you cant find someone to accompany you. You will surely make some friends during the tour, and you can then go and explore Kie together after the tour
Buy a BRZ lol.

You get better headlights, and a better interior. And hey you have the Subaru Blue color option over that orange FRS color that Toyota offers.

And you probably wont find a monogram. So youll be stuck with a basic FRS with no push to start no heated seats, no HIDs. And other stuff I dont feel like naming.

Just get the BRZ they cost the same as an FRS at least in my area anyways so why not go for it. If you dont like Subaru then just rebadge it or something.
Euro spec comes with all that stuff as standard.

Electric folding/heated mirrors.
HID self levelling headlights w/ washers.
Daylight running lights.
Push button start / Keyless entry.
Leather heated seats are an option though.
Chatcam alarm though I think this is a UK mandatory option to make it insurable.

Might be costly to import one. Also it has the extended 86mm protruding exhaust exits that are unapproved in the US for production cars.
Last time I was at Pacific subaru they had one on the showroom floor, might want to give them a call. Thats where I got mine.
This function is not ported by me,but I privately think that it is mine who port,so it should be right
and 1EE function I tried for nearly one hour,can make it.
and here in ELC1v41 1EE is 0xA1400000,E71Cv41 is the only mobile edition has 0x1EE=0xA06AAD50
Good good study,day day up.
Lifting my head I watched the brignt moon,Lowering my head I dreamed that Im home.

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