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Looking for a boyfriend!!!
My boss is looking for a pipe tutor somewhere in the area South and West of Houston.He has been practicing with a chanter for a while and feels like it may be time to find a teacher. Any one know someone??

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Maybe you could send me his name and a way to contact your cousin and I could forward it to my boss and let them try and work something out. Thanks.
Have you thought about joining one of the agencies in Scotland? They are always looking for bands and do showcases. Why not arrange your own?
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Справочник недвижимости России -
Hello to everyone,
I am Mickey from Germany and since decades interested to visit Pripyat. No one of my friends want to join. Thats why i am here.
I want to make a tour but I would like top meet up before in Kiev or sth. and explore the city.
Traveling alone is so boring and zero fun. Is someone here who want to join maybe? or any advice where i can find travelers?

About me: I am 35, male, German, fluent in English, good for party, very easy going, looking for people same age /- 10 years.

The trip in Pripyat can be 1, 2 or 3 days.
I am very flexible with my traveling time if its after 10th of July
Thanks for the reply.
That´s a good tip. I think i will follow.
My plan now is 28.07 till 31st I think.
Which tour do you suggest. I think I want to make the 2 day / 1 night trip?
Sorry for a thread jack, but since it is moderately related and Im sure lots of people have wondered this, how loud does the exhuast become by just doing headers? Would a catback even be necessary?
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