List of High-Paying Trades for Women in 2023

Over the years, we’ve seen more and more women enter into traditionally male-dominated professions. This is a great trend that celebrates the fact that women are just as capable as men in a number of different fields.

There are still some professions that are typically considered “traditional” for women. Here is a list of top trades for women in 2022.

1. Nursing

trades for women-nursing

Nursing is a profession that has been historically female-dominated. In recent years, however, we’ve seen an influx of male nurses entering the field.

This is likely due to the fact that nursing is an extremely rewarding and important profession. Hospitals and other healthcare facilities rely heavily on nurses to provide care for patients.

Registered nurses are the largest healthcare profession in the United States, and they earned an average salary of $68,450 in 2016.

The field is projected to grow by 16 percent from 2016 to 2026, so there will be plenty of job opportunities for nurses in the years ahead.

Nurses provide important patient care across a variety of settings, including hospitals, clinics, and nursing homes.

They work with doctors and other healthcare professionals to assess patients’ health needs and develop treatment plans.

Nurses also provide education and support to patients and their families. If you’re interested in a career that offers opportunities for growth and advancement, a career as a nurse may be right for you.

2. Teaching

trades for women-teaching

Teaching is another profession that has traditionally been filled by women. Many women choose to enter into teaching as a way to help shape the minds of children and young adults. Teachers are also typically well-respected within their community, which can be appealing to many young professionals.

According to the National Education Association, the average salary for teachers in the US was $56,383 in 2017.

Many women choose to become teachers because they want to make a difference in the lives of children.

Teachers are responsible for shaping the minds of future generations and helping them grow into contributing members of society. Teaching is also a very rewarding profession, as it allows educators to see their students succeed and learn new things.

3. Social Work

Social work is a profession that helps people in need and provides them with resources and support.

The average salary for social work in the United States is around $50,000. Social workers can be found working in a variety of settings, such as hospitals, schools, government agencies, and private practices.

Social work is a great profession for women because it allows them to help others while also fulfilling their need for nurturing and care.

Social workers provide critical services to vulnerable populations, including children, the elderly, and the disabled. They help these individuals access important resources and navigate government systems. And they provide support and counseling to families in crisis.

Social work is an incredibly rewarding profession, and it’s perfect for women who want to make a difference in the world.

4. Makeup Artists

trades for women-Makeup Artists

Makeup artistry is an incredibly rewarding profession, and one that is only growing in popularity. If you are passionate about makeup and have a desire to help people look their best, then this could be the perfect career for you.

Makeup artists in the US typically earn an annual salary of around $50,000. However, this number can vary depending on a number of factors such as experience, skill level, and location.

Makeup artists play a crucial role in helping women feel confident and look their best. They work with clients to create a look that is unique to them, whether it be for a wedding, photo shoot, or just for everyday life. Makeup artistry is a challenging and rewarding field, and it’s a great way for women to use their creativity and passion to help others look and feel beautiful.

5. Dental Hygienist

If you’re interested in oral health care, you might want to consider becoming a dental hygienist. Dental hygienists are responsible for cleaning teeth and providing preventative care to patients.

They also educate patients on how to properly care for their teeth, which can help reduce the risk of cavities and other oral health problems. In addition, dental hygienists often work closely with dentists, so this could be a good career option if you’re interested in pursuing a career in dentistry someday.

Becoming a dental hygienist typically requires completing an accredited training program, which typically takes around two years. In addition, dental hygienists must be licensed in most states in order to practice legally.

Overall, becoming a dental hygienist is a great way for women to combine their passion for oral health with their desire to help others and contribute to the community. The average salary for dental hygienists in the US is around $70,000. With its growing demand and competitive salary, it’s no wonder that many women are choosing to pursue a career in dental hygiene.

6. Game Designer

Women have always been creative and good at coming up with new ideas, so it makes sense that they would be good at designing video games.

The gaming industry is currently worth billions of dollars, and it is only going to continue to grow. There are already many successful female game designers out there, and more and more women are entering the field every day.

Game design is a great profession for women because it allows them to be creative and use their imagination. It also requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Women who enter this field can expect to have very successful careers.

As a game designer in the US, you can earn an average salary of around $80,000. But the amount you earn will depend on a number of factors, including your level of experience and the type of games you design.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in game design, then this is definitely the right field for you.

7. Head Chef

trades for women-head chef

The role of a head chief is to make sure that everyone in the tribe is taken care of. They are responsible for organizing food and shelter, as well as making sure that the tribe has enough resources to survive. They also act as a leader and spokesperson for the tribe.

Being a head chief is not an easy job, but it is extremely important. And it’s a job that many women have been proud to hold throughout history. Culinary arts is a great field for women because it allows them to be creative and use their imagination.

It also requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Women who enter this field can expect to have very successful careers.

As a head chef in the US, you can earn an average salary of around $60,000.

8. Aircraft maintenance engineer

Aircraft maintenance engineer is another traditional profession for women, Though it is a career that requires a great deal of technical skill and knowledge, it is also one that offers a lot of opportunity for upward mobility and advancement. In addition, the pay is excellent and the work can be very exciting.

If you’re interested in becoming an aircraft maintenance engineer, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need to get a degree in aerospace engineering or a related field. Once you have your degree, you’ll need to complete an accredited training program. After you’ve completed your training, you’ll need to obtain a license from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA).

The median salary for Aircraft maintenance engineer in the US is around $103,000.

9. HVAC Maintenance technician

One of the many nontraditional professions for women that are growing in popularity. One of these is working as an HVAC maintenance technician.

HVAC technicians typically work on heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. They install new systems and repair existing ones. Often times, they are called to homes or businesses during emergencies to restore heating or cooling service.

The job requires physical strength and dexterity, as well as knowledge of how the systems work. Many HVAC technicians learn by completing a formal training program at a technical school or community college. Some start out as assistants to experienced technicians before moving into a lead role.

The median salary for HVAC maintenance technician in the US is around $47,000.

10. Elementary school teacher

As an elementary school teacher, you would be responsible for teaching children aged 4-8 in a variety of subjects such as math, science, English, and social studies. You would also be responsible for developing lesson plans, grading assignments, and maintaining a classroom.

Elementary school teaching is a great career for women because it allows them to work with children in a nurturing environment. It also requires excellent communication and organizational skills. Women who enter this field can expect to have very successful careers.

The median salary for elementary school teachers in the US is around $55,000. If you’re interested in becoming an elementary school teacher, there are a few things you need to know. First, you’ll need at least a bachelor’s degree in education or a related field. You will also need to complete some initial training and obtain the appropriate state teaching license.

11. Welder

Welding is a great option for women who are looking for a well-paying career. The average salary for welders in the US is $37,000 per year.

Welding is a challenging and rewarding career that offers plenty of opportunities for advancement. If you’re interested in welding, be sure to research the different types of welding and find one that best suits your skills and interests.

There are many Classes which will help get you started in this profession. You can also find many apprenticeship programs which can give you the opportunity to learn from experienced welders and get paid while you’re doing it.

The median salary for welders in the US is $41,380 per year.

12. Respiratory Therapist

There are many reasons why respiratory therapy is a great trade for women. First and foremost, it is a stable and well-paying career. In addition, respiratory therapy offers plenty of opportunities for advancement. And finally, respiratory therapists play an important role in ensuring the health and well-being of their patients – something that is extremely important to many women.

When it comes to trades for women, respiratory therapists are a great option. The average salary for respiratory therapists in the United States is $62,000, making it a very attractive option for women looking to enter the workforce.

13. Software/Web/Mobile App developer

The demand for mobile app developers is high and is only going to continue to grow. Developers who are able to create apps that are user-friendly and solve a problem will be in high demand.

As with most jobs, experience and skills will result in a higher salary. Those with certification and experience from tech giants such as Apple or Google may also be able to command a higher salary.

A mobile app developer typically has a four-year college degree in computer science or a related field. A developer can expect to make around $50,000 – $80,000 per year.

14. Carpenter

Carpentry is a skilled trade that involves working with wood to create structures or objects. framers and finish carpenters are the two main types of carpenters in the construction industry. Framing carpenters build the skeletal structures of buildings, while finish carpenters install doors, cabinets, and trim.

In the United States, the average salary for a carpenter is $44,070 per year. women in this field earn slightly less than men, with an average salary of $41,977 per year. However, there are a number of factors that can affect earnings in this occupation, including experience level, geographical location, and type of employer.

15. Construction Manager

Construction managers are responsible for overseeing all aspects of a construction project, from planning and design to execution and completion. They must have a wide range of skills and knowledge in order to be successful, including engineering and architecture basics, contracting law, safety procedures, and budgeting.

The average salary for a construction manager in the US is around $90,000. However, this can vary depending on a number of factors, including experience, location, and the size and type of company.

Women who are interested in working in the construction industry should consider becoming a construction manager. It’s an exciting and challenging field with plenty of opportunity for growth.

16. Plumber

trades for women-plumbing

For starters, plumbing provides an opportunity to work independently and build something from the ground up – quite literally! As your own boss, you can set your own hours and choose which jobs to take on.

What’s more, being a skilled tradesperson can be extremely fulfilling; it’s a chance to use your hands and creativity to solve problems and make people’s lives easier. And let’s not forget that plumbing is an excellent source of income.

There is no doubt that plumbing is a rewarding and essential trade for women. In the United States, the average salary for plumbers is $52,000 per year. That said, there are plenty of other reasons to enter the field beyond earning a good wage.


What trade pays the most for women?

According to, top high paying trade professionals for women include;

  • Makeup artist
  • Dental hygienist
  • Construction manager
  • Automotive Service Technician
  • Plumber
  • Wind turbine service technician
  • Carpenter
  • App developer
  • Registered nurse
  • Respiratory therapist
  • HVAC technician
  • Welder
  • Aircraft maintenance engineer
  • Multimedia designer
  • Head chef
  • Game designer

Is there a demand for women in trades?

Yes. Although there is a perception that the trades are a “man’s world”, there is actually a great demand for women in the trade industry.

In fact, studies have shown that when businesses employ more women in skilled trades, they see improved financial performance and increased innovation.

So why are there so few women in the trades? The answer is complex, but it likely has to do with cultural norms and gender stereotypes that discourage girls and young women from exploring non-traditional careers.

But things are starting to change. Girls now make up half of all students enrolled in Canadian colleges and universities, and many industries are starting to recognize the value of diversity and inclusion in the workplace. So we can expect to see more women entering into skilled trades in the years ahead.

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